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Japanese Cars Nissan 2008 Nissan Denki Cube Concept

2008 Nissan Denki Cube Concept

Size: 22 items
The Nissan Denki (Japanese for “electric”) Cube Concept introduces new 'electric-themed' exterior and interior enhancements. A suitably electric front grille design complete with plug-in capability and a new lamp arrangement dubbed 'lightning' design head up the modifications at the front, while a new bumper design with concealed taillights finish the new rear. Special graphics leave little guesswork as to the new model's powertrain and are finished off by unique 16-inch wheel covers and a special white paint finish.

The Denki Cube is part of Nissan's Green Program 2010, focusing on wide-ranging environmental improvements from reduction of CO2 and exhaust emissions to improving recycling efficiency. Over at Nissan research and development, in co-operation with NEC Corporation, the aim has been to enhance battery performance and reduce battery costs, with an in-house developed Nissan hybrid vehicle expected to launch by 2011.

Source: Nissan
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